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Palace Floor Heater for DP Hunter and Cat Palace Premium Insulated Houses

Designed specifically for the DP Hunter AND THE CAT PALACE PREMIUM INSULATED HOUSES

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Product Information:

Size: 16 x 13 (40 cm x 32 cm)

Weight: 4lbs

Connects to 110 volt standard 3 prong connector

Water resistant

Safe low temperatures

Built-in thermostat

Built-in electric fuse to eliminate fire hazards

Power on Indicator

Provides Comfortable warmth for pets outdoors

Cooler side for sensitive skin 86o, warmer side for long hair 104 degrees

Chew-proof cord

ABS hardshell plastic tougher to bit, scratchproof, waterproof

Comes with Free washable Fleece Bed

MET Certified

Add extra warmth and comfort to your DP Hunter or Cat Palace this winter with our floor heater. The heater is specifically designed to fit so the electrical cord exits the rear of the house and keeps the pet from tripping over the cord. Recommended use when sustained outdoor temperatures are below 20° F. Built in thermostat and electrical fuse provide a safe low temperature. UL/ROHS electrical components. Provides comfortable warmth for pets outdoors. Can also be used for kennels, shelters, garages, and other outdoor environments.

Read all instructions before use.
Only connect to properly grounded outlet.
Must be used with a ground fault interrupter.

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