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CRB Palace Colossal Round Barn
for extra larger dogs

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Dog Palace® Insulated Dog House
for larger dogs

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DP HunterInsulated Dog House
for smaller dogs

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FansSolar powered dog house fans
for large and small dog houses

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HeatersDog House Heaters
for large and small dog houses

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ASL Solutions Dog House Products

CRB Palace

ASL Solutions CRB Palace dog house is a fully insulated dog house for large and extra large dogs.
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Dog Palace®

ASL Solutions Dog Palace® dog house is a fully insulated dog house for medium to large breeds of dogs.
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DP Hunter

ASL Solutions DP Hunter dog house is a fully insulated dog house for medium to smaller breeds of dogs.
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Palace Central Heater

Insulated Doghouse floor heater

Designed specifically for the CRB Dog Palace and Dog Palace Doghouses

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Dog House Exhaust Fans

ASL Solutions offers solar powered dog house fans for all of our dog houses.
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Dog House Fleece Beds

ASL Solutions offers fleece beds for all of our doghouses.
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Why Insulate

Insulated dog houses trap a pet’s body heat to keep the house warm in the winter. In the summer insulation provides a barrier against excessive heat impeding it from getting inside.

Similar to how a warm blanket keeps you comfortable in winter, insulation traps your dog's natural warmth and provides a barrier against external temperature changes. Insulation works by slowing down the transfer of heat, ensuring that your dog stays warm in winter and cool in summer. This way, the dog house becomes a comfortable and climate-controlled space, utilizing your pet's body heat to maintain a cozy environment year-round.

Insulation alone may not be enough during extreme cold conditions. But it does help make heating a dog house with an electric heater easier by preventing heat loss and improving the heater's efficiency. With proper insulation, the heat produced by the electric heater is better retained inside the dog house, creating a warmer and more comfortable space for your pet. The insulation acts as a barrier, slowing down the escape of heat through the walls, floor, door, and roof, allowing the heater to work more effectively. In addition to keeping your pet cozy, it reduces the need for the heater to run constantly or at high settings, leading to energy savings and a more cost-effective heating solution for the dog house.

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