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About ASL Solutions

ASL Solutions Inc. was founded in 2000. The two founders Howard Atkison and Bob Guinn have over 60 years of manufacturing experience. They have had more than four generations of large outside dogs in their immediate families. For years they have searched for a manufactured dog house with real insulation and a door that could not be destroyed. This combination of events has led to the creation of the "Dog Palace" insulated dog house. This is the first manufactured insulated dog house with real foam (Styro/EPS) insulation and an indestructible self- closing insulated door.

ASL had several requests for a smaller dog house that had all of the features of the "Dog Palace". In June 2006 we began manufacturing our new smaller insulated dog house the DP Hunter. The DP Hunter has all the features of the original "Dog Palace" but is sized for smaller dogs (beagles, dachshund, etc.) or cats.

ASL Solutions Company Timeline


In 2009 ASL introduced the Dog Palace Floor Heaters that were designed specifically to fit in the ASL dog houses and keep the cord outside of the dog house. The dog house was equipped with an innovative heater portal to accommodate this new feature.


In 2010 ASL introduced the Dog Palace Breeze Solar Exhaust Fans, to add a new cooling feature to the house. The housing for each fan is designed to fit both newer and older models.


In 2011 ASL introduced the personalized dog house. This option allows the dog owner to have their dogs name on the Dog Palace door. The letters are heat transferred to the plastic door.


In 2013 ASL introduced Dog Palace beds. This option provides a comfortable bed for the dog. They are sized to fit the ASL dog houses; additionally they will accommodate the ASL heaters.

ASL Solutions Dog House Products

Dog Palace

ASL Solutions Dog Palace dog house is a fully insulated dog house for larger breeds of dogs.
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DP Hunter

ASL Solutions DP Hunter dog house is a fully insulated dog house for medium to smaller breeds of dogs.
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Dog House Heater

ASL Solutions offers dog house floor mat heaters for both sizes of dog houses.
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Dog House Exhaust Fans

ASL Solutions offers solar powered dog house fans for both sized of dog houses.
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